Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Lone Savior of Beautiful Woman

Title: Die Trying
Author: Lee Child
Pages: 567
Publisher: Jove Premium Edition
ISBN: 0515142247

I've gotten hooked on the dry humor of Jack Reacher so I've been picking up the novels at used books stores when I see them. But, that also means I'm reading them out of order. Fortunately, each book is really a stand alone story and it really doesn't seem to matter what order I read them in. In some ways, the series reminds me of the old 70s and 80s TV shows of The Incredible Hulk and Knight Rider. The hero, Jack Reacher, get embroiled in a dangerous situation and needs to investigate and save an innocent person – most often a beautiful woman. In this case, the beautiful woman is an FBI agent that was kidnapped because of who her godfather is – the President of the US. Jack becomes involved because he happened to be in the wrong place at the right time. At first, Holly tries to protect Jack until recognizes Jack has skills that can help her. The kidnappers – an extreme white supremacist group that wants to convert and control the nation. At the end, all issues are solved, and like Bruce Banner, Jack walks down the road, by himself, with muddy music playing in my head.

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