Sunday, March 17, 2013

Small Packages Can Fulfill Big Destinies

Title: Dragonlight
Author: Donita K. Paul
Pages: 377
Publisher: Waterbrook Press
ISBN: 1400073782

I've enjoyed McCaffrey's Dragon series for years – unfortunately, I've read all of them. No one can create a world like McCaffrey did, full of great characters and amazing creatures. But, as I was browsing through PaperBack Swap and found another series – The DragonKeeper Chronicles. It is not as well-written as McCaffrey's but still engaging. However, I was only able to find Book 5 – Dragonlight, on PaperBack Swap. So, I'm reading them out of order.

The main character, Kale is happily married to Bardon and Dragonkeeper of her castle. However, Bardon takes Kale on a quest as evil begins to invade the world. The story follows the group on the quest as they discover the destinies for each member – from the smallest, Toopka, to the blind boy and guardian, Sittiponder. Many themes pervade the book – from the importance of faith and having respect for fellow creatures on the earth. Bardon, a former knight, trained in the ways of the Tomes, continues to quote “principles” which sound like a combination of Christian proverbs and Confucian sayings. After a little surfing around, I found that The DragonKeeper Chronicles are being marketed as Christian speculative fiction. It is a bit ironic that this particular book is about a splinter cult that twists the teachings of the god Wulder to gain power in this world. As a science fiction book, it was a fun read, but as a Christian book, I would not endorse it.

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