Friday, February 15, 2013

Small town girl saves other world

Title: A Sorcerer's Treason
Author: Sarah Zettel
Pages: 499
Publisher: Tor
ISBN: 0765343746

My brother sent me this book because it was set in Wisconsin – the Apostle Islands specifically. Plus, it is a fantasy book, which is a genre I tend to like.

The story begins with Bridget, a scorned woman in her small town, saves a stranger from a ship wreck. Bridget lives in a lighthouse during the summer and dreads returning to the town. The stranger turns out to be from another world and offers Bridget a chance to be more than a lighthouse keeper – she has premonitions and in the stranger's world, this indicates powerful sorcerer. Bridger chooses to return to return with the stranger to Isavalta and becomes quickly involved in the political intrigue of the land. She has to navigate who to trust and how magic works in this new world. The story runs like a soap-opera with lots of double crossing and disguises, passionate characters. It was an interesting diversion during a plane ride and I admired the main character as the underdog in the story.

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